Bel Canto Ref1000mkII stock issues?

I just heard that Bel Canto is having a circuit board issue with these amps. Consequently, they are delaying shipments right now. Is it a supply issue, a quality/design issue, or a demand issue due to the favorable Stereophile review and A rating? Love to hear from anyone "in the know".
I have not heard of any issues, and just got a set for a client last week.
However I will check into it with Bel Canto and report back to the forum.
(I am a Bel Canto dealer - Charlotte NC)
No such issue exists, as per Bel Canto today.

If you are on the market for a Ref1000mkII see your local Bel Canto dealer.
thanks Buff!
Where did you hear this info I wonder?On the street/Under the bridge?From a dealer?Used car salesman?Pretty lame dude.Cant wait to see your next post???

This thread is a bit infomercial for my taste, too.

But Buff, thanks for at least disclosing your commercial affiliations, which is more than we can say for some.

Why are you guys misreading my post? I am not a dealer or anything. I am merely a prospective buyer and just trying to do my research and check the boards. I love Bel Canto stuff (own a couple pieces now) and am trying to determine whether to buy the old mkIs used or go for the gold with the mark IIs. Where in the world is civility these days? Geez. Drop the ad hominem attacks already. I appreciate Buff's quick response and disregard the other two for not being helpful whatsoever. Cheers guys!
You are correct.I am wrong and apoligize for my lameness.Hope this may even us up,Bob
No worries Bob. I don't like to see unwarranted negativity on these boards. I think most of us agree on that. We are all in this crazy hobby together and I learn so much from everyone on here. Cheers!
In your opening post your wrote "I just heard that Bel Canto is having a circuit board issue with these amps".

I think the readership is interested in your source.

It's unsubstantiated statments/allegations like yours which are probably best left unsaid.

A better idea would have been to contact your local dealer or Bel Canto.
That would be optimal Audio------.As you know were all human and insane to be here in this hobby so........
Swanny, have you done any A-B'ing between the Is and IIs? I haven't, but hear the IIs are a bit more forward in the treble. In another thread someone who had A-B'ed said he preferred the Is and that while the IIs had their strengths were not worth the extra $1000. Lastly I understand from a dealer that the Is outsell the IIs by a about 6~8 to 1 margin. What are you thoughts?