Bel Canto Ref. 1000s,CD-2 what cables work best ?

I have just purchased Bel Canto Ref. 1000s and a CD-2. Is there a power cable upgrade for the CD-2. I am using Shunyata hydra power conditioning. I have Dali Helicon 400 loudspeakers. What interconnects and loudspeaker cables work best with this setup. Bi-wire on the speaker side. Thanks Jim!
I have Rowland Model 102 (smaller Icepower) and used to have AQ Indigo speaker cables. Since Icepower reviews complain about "not very round" sound (lower midrange) I selected speaker cable with a little pronounced lower midrange - Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun. Sound is much fuller now. There is this "chestiness" of male voices it was missing with Indigo. In addition sound is more "silky" - probably general improvement (much better cable). I'm using AQ King Cobra Interconnects while planning to buy Acoustic Zen Silver Ref II.