Bel Canto Pre3 vs Jeff Rowland concerto

Has anyone listened to these two preamplifiers enough to garner an opinion about them? I have a really nice, heavily modified Air Tight ATC-3 that is simply too noisy with my new Emerald Physic 100db sensitive speakers - I have hiss coming out of the tweeters that is annoying. Thus, I am going to go to a solid state preamplifier which should be much quieter. I want to spend 2 grand or less and will definitely consider purchasing on the Audiogon used market.

And, if any other nice preamps come to mind in this price range, please suggest. I have always had tube pre-amps and either solid state or hypbrid amps. However, those Emerald Physic speakers are really THAT good to make me change my preamp out and use it in another application.
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Jaymark, if you are considering the JRDG Concerto, you may also have a look the current JRDG Capri, which is usually available on Audiogon for approx $2K. I have happily replaced my ARC Ref 3 with the Capri, and prefer the Capri for its extension, linearity, detail, authority, and sweetness. According to JRDG, Capri is also more open and revealing than the older Concerto.
Thanks Guidocorona! I will investigate the Concerto.
Jaymark, Concerto pre is actually extremely lovely. I heard it 2 years ago at RMAF driving a Rowland 312 amp and a pair of Vienna Mahler speakers. . . I liked the whole system so much that now Mahlers and 312 are both in my own system.
Guidocorona - I actually meant I will check out the Capri!

BTW, has anyone heard the BelCanto Pre3 preamplifier - and what do you think of it?
Jaymark, I suspect that the pre in the BelCanto room at RMAF may very well have been the PRe3. If that were the case, as the overall sound of the system was excellent, the PRe3 must also be very very good. yet, as I have not heard it sidebyside with the Capri, I can't venture to guess which one I may prefer nor the reason why. Guido