Bel Canto Power Supply change to 230V? How?

I write from Asia and I am considering to buy a pair of Bel Canto monos 1000Ref and also the Bel Canto DAC 3. However, in the US, the power supply is 110V. In Asia where I am we are running 230V 50hz power supply.

Would someone be kind enough to let me know if the Bels have internal switches or jumpers that will allow me to change the settings. I search all over the web but no such info.

I would be most appreciative if someone could describe in detail how it can be done.

Thank you.


You should contact the Bel canto support group by email or by phone. See:
They are bound to supply you with more reliable information on voltage changes for Bel Canto gear than any of us on Audiogon.

It requires setting voltage selector on the module to 230V and changing fuse on the module to:

230V Mains: T6.3AH 250V Wickmann/Littlefuse series 181 or series 215
T: time-lag H: high-breaking 5*20mm, according to IEC60127-2/5 and UL248.14

This info is from Icepower module datasheet and there might be other things we don't know. Guido is right - contact Bel Canto.