Bel Canto phono settings for Grado HO Platinum?

I just bought a Bel Canto PRe2P here on Audiogon.
Does anyone have any advice for me on settings in the phono stage for a high-output Grado Platinum cartridge?
For those not familiar with the the preamp, it has selectable gain of 40db or 60db, I assume the lower setting is for high-output carts.
It also has adjustable resistive loading from 47k ohms to 30 Ohms and adjustable capacitive loading from 150 pf to 950 pf.
From what I've read, Grado's moving iron design is not very sensitive to changes in these settings but if anyone has any experience with this combination I'd like to hear about it.
The cart is mounted on a stock RB300/Planar 3 combo.

Thanks in advance.