Bel Canto/Linn/MSB

So, I have the following DACs on my audition list. Bel Canto Black EX, Linn Akurate DS Katalyst, and MSB Discrete/Premiere w/ Ethernet. These are all integrated streamers at approximately the same price point. They are also all quite new or not even fully released yet. Has anyone heard any of the three? Mainly I am looking for anyone who has heard the Bel Canto. It has been out for several months and I have hardly seen it mentioned in the forums and no reviews. What is going on with this dac?
I own the Bel Canto Black EX. Absolutely amazing. The Black DAC and Amp are crystal clear and powerful. Our YG Carmels came to life. My wife said it has balls, even after I suggested it is not male. 

The resolution, especially with MQA, is as good as I have heard.  There is more than just cutting-edge resolution. The system is musical. Solid bass control, liquid midrange and perfect attack and decay in the highs especially. 

I prefer the Bel Canto Seek app over Roon for most applications. For example, finding MQA on SEEK is easy:  same symbol as Tidal. Roon will tell you a song is MQA only after you start playing it.  

The Ethernet input is better than the USB input. Buy a good Ethernet cable. 

I understand and Black DAC is upgradeable. 

I can’t speak to the Linn Akurate or MSB. 
BTW, a friend from school (who lives in Denver) and I heard the Black EX at RMAF. We both decided to buy them on the spot.