Bel Canto for Tyler Ref Monitors or others ?

I am looking for a 2 channel amp for my Tyler ref monitors, I was wondering how the bel canto would work, solid state amps I am considering are classe and krell, any help on this decision would be apreciated, I am using a krell showcase as a prepro, thanks all
The Bel Canto is very nice but I would give the Electrocompaniet amplifiers a serious look. I own Tyler Ref monitors and use an Electrocompaniet ECI-3 (70 watt Int) and it is a fantastic match. Their amplifiers have a full warm yet detailed presentation. Really hard to beat. My .02 cents for what it is worth. Good luck.

I use the EVO 200.2 with the Tyler Linbrooks. If you're a detail freak (I am) go for it! Don't do Krell (brutish) but Classe and the above recommendation are good as well. I love my BC though, and when I invite friends over they are stunned!
I am presently upgrading from a Bryston 4B-ST (worked very nicely with my Ref Mons) to the SST version (pre is a Magnum Rogue 66). E-mail in a week or so and I'll advise my results.