Bel Canto EVO4 gen II vs. Sonic Frontiers Power 2

I currently own a Bel Canto EVO 4 mated with an Audible Illusions Mod 3A, NHT 3.3, all JPS cables, Muse 9 sig. DVD/Cd , VPI 19 MKIV ETII combo in my system. I love the tonality, timbre, dynamics and it appears to image well when the music is apparently recorded as such. My question is raised from the sound of systems with all tubes. My friend's systems image in an exceptional, maybe exaggerated way. Maybe it isn't totally accurate but I still like it. The problem I've heard in their sytems is tonality sucks, dynamics need subs and they don't blend well... OK, finally my question now you see my mind setting, will the Sonic Frontiers be able to keep up the dynamics, tonality, pace and bring out the "tube " imaging? Does anybody have experience in a simliar system? I can't afford to buy the SF to play with and there isn't one locally to try out. These local tube geeks all hate the SF but I apparently don't care totally for their sound anyways and need to hear it for myself. This is the closest I can come right now. Comments?
Jothompson -> do you also have a feeling that the eVo's soundstage depth is somehow lacking ?

Before eVo I have had a Metaxas pre/power combination and it imaged like crazy ... when I switched to Krell KRC-3/eVo 4 mk II, the sensation of stage depth was diminished. I know that also KRC-3 is here to blame - when I borrowed from a friend his JRDG Synergy IIi it clearly showed limitation of KRC-3, but even then, with JRDG (and now with borrowed Mac C2200 tube pre) in the chain things were nowhere as spectacular as with MAS gear.
Owned the Power 2 for several years as well as EVo 2 monblocks. While everyone proclaimed that the Evos sounded "tubey," I didn't find that to be the case. To my ear, they sounded typically soild state┬ľa little dry, and a little flat.

The Power 2 has all the zip of solid sate, but did have the dimensionality of tubes. I think it would match well with the Audible Illusions.
Hmmm, possibly. I had put in the system a pair of Energy 1.8 Veritas and the lateral imaging was stunningly good. But, the depth was shallow. I didn't know if it was the 1.8s or my system. Your point may be well taken, I have never had good depth with the EVO.

Not even the tube geek friends could come close to the Energy placement laterally. Their imaging is in the middle and no where else. The Energy's are over all a little dark and miss a little in the transparency compared to the NHTs.