Bel Canto eVo2i Gen II vs. S300i

Which one do you prefer? I remember reading a post somewhere where somebody upgraded and regretted it. I also see a lot of S300i/iU up for sale but the eVos don't come up very often and are snatched very quickly. Furthermore owners seem to all love them.

Also, can this amp cut the mustard for the Sonus Faber Cremona M? I'm not a hardcore audiophile by any stretch and don't want to spend 5 figures, but I really love the speakers for their big presentation, openness, and airiness. I just had a good 2 hour session with them mated with a Luxman M800A pure class A amp, dcs Paganini stack, Transparent Reference cables and it was heavenly. Especially with orchestral pieces - wow, like being in a concert hall! I had the dealer swap out for the Cremona Auditor M and although they were also very sweet, the presentation was definitely scaled down a good deal. Anyway I'm going off tangent a little here. Will a Bel Canto integrated give me something at least a little close?

I like amps on the warmer side of neutral, balanced, smooth, detailed, but with good control and pace e.g. Classe.
I have the same question. So called class d technology seems to be advancing rapidly, costs are trending downward, and is a lot "greener" than class a or ab. And like a lot of others I seem to have the upgrade itch. But is the cost/benefit worth it? I would probably lose about $600 if I sold my eVo2i gen1( for about a grand ) after two years use, plus additional outlay of $600 for the S300i.
For about $300 more total outlay I've been looking at more traditional highly regarded amps like a used Luxman L505u, Ayre AX7e, or Plinius 9100. Maybe the correct course is to wait as the technology further evolves in class "d" amps and the cost continues to come down?
I can't compare these a I've never heard the Gen II, but I own the S300i and I think your description "amps on the..." fits it pretty well.

Is it the last word in amplification? Nope, but I think it's a nice piece, and provides good value for money.
I own the Bel Canto Evo 2 Gen II amplifier and have tried the newer Bel Canto amps(S300i, Ref 500M monos). The older Evo 2 Gen 2 is much better than the newer stuff. No contest really. I have no idea why Bel Canto stopped making the Evo amps. It is the best stereo amplifer I have ever heard. Period.
I own both and have listened to both extensively with different associated. Gear IE Sablon cables, Mark and Daniel speakers.... The evo2i gen II is the superior sounding amp in every way. The S300iU (USB module) or S300iP (phono module) is convenient but no where as refined. It's really audiophile vs upper midfi IMHO.