Bel-Canto Evo THE best amp?

anybody heard BC Evo?
I have had the EVo since May 20th. It replaced the well reviewed $7K McCormack DNA2 Limited Anniversary Edition. See my review in for the EVo. Reviewers and editors such as Srajan Iebaen from Soundstage, Clement Perry for Steretimes and Stu McCleary from Soundstage have emailed me or responded to a question in the Feedback Section of the magazines saying that the EVo is their reference amp or competes with their reference amp costing 3X. The EVo is compared to the $8K to $10K Mark Lev. Amp. I purchased mine from
I've been auditioning the EVo over the summer against other amps and think the high ratings are spot on. If anyone is a real 'detail' listener and likes ss, then the EVo with the B.C. Pre1 pre-amp will shut down anything costing 3x the combined price. Stunning quiet and transparent, smooth - not harsh -- subtle harmonics within notes leap out of the speakers, particularly on electronic music of any kind. For my own personal tastes, I'm buying the EVo, but mating it with a Presence Audio Delux tube pre-amp. Dead quiet, detailed, but with that touch of life tubes bring, particularly to any acoustical music and vocals. That's the only thing I found lacking on the EVo, a tad dry in the mid-range. There are reviews of both these boxes coming soon from soundstage and stereotimes. The guys at stereotimes are mating the EVo with the new Talon Khorus speakers (which go down to 20kHz) and find the EVo is detailed and articulate all the way down.
Remarkably interesting sound generated from this amp. Every note, in detail could be heard. But I sat. When I usually move, rock, hum, wiggle, I just sat. No soul. Almost like a ghost. I didn't understand. It was all there, yet.....
I received my Evo about 3 weeks ago and it has been running almost no stop since then. It hasnt broken in yet but at the rate I am going it wont be long. It doesnt matter anyway because tommrow I am ordering another Evo from BC and running the two amps in bridged mono. Based on the many amplifiers I have owed and heard I havent heard an amplifier that is better than the Evo. We will see it it retains its characteristics after I bridge it but I am betting it will only get better after I add another one and allow both of them to brake in for a few hundred hours. Just my 2$. Thomas
Tomcat55... How does the Bel Canto Evo sound in bridged mode. I have one and am thinking of buying a second.