Bel Canto evo's

Can I get some comments in regards to how Bel Canto evo amplifiers compare to quality linear amplifiers such as the Odyssey Stratus, PASS or equal. I remember BCs being the hot ticket when they were new but seemed to have cooled in popularity over time. Are the digital amplifiers at a decidedly disadvantage in some applications or with some speakers? Or, maybe just a little too much money for the watts? Will the digial revolution succeed?
Abolutely amazing. 360 watts per channel for only 2700.00 used is not that expensive. Also spectron gives your about 500 watts for even less. I heartily recommend them. Their review on stereo times is literally spot on. I hope this helps, lordgorian

I have not heard any of those but if you told me one
of them cost 30g's i still wouldent trade my EVO6 for
it. I like it that much. I have heard plenty of others
and nothing came close yet. It just sounds like music to
me and to me thats what its all about.. To be honest with
you im surprised more people at this site arent running
them they are a BARGAIN especially if you can find a used

And No i dont work for them although i wish i did i could
get a employee discount then. Here's a link to pretty new

Good luck and best regards
Audio Research and several other high-end companies are reportedly developing their own versions of digital switching amplifiers. So, yes, the revolution will succeed–in fact it's only just beginning.

But, while the technology is interesting, the best aspect of these amps is the sound. I'm a tube lover, yet I've been totally won over by the Bel Canto Evo 2 (I run two of them in monoblock mode.) Spacious, dynamic, and harmonically rich–I've not heard better sound in my system. And the relatively modest price is the icing on the cake.
I've heard the Evo on the same revealing system I've heard Krell, Jolida, Pass, and Llano. The Evo was just OK. None of the listeners felt it matched it's hype in any way. The Pass, on the other hand, was exceptional.
Muralman1 - Was the evo in monoblock form? Also did it have upgraded power cords?
And which eVo was it? The eVo2 is much better than the 200.2, especially if you use only one.
I've got both the evo 200.2 stereo and stratos right now and a second evo on the way. It sounds good stock and even better with modifications, vibration isolation and upgrded power cord. So far I like the TG Audio SLVR power cord the best. Ugrades I've done include high quality (solen auricap) capcitors in the power supply and 3M vibration sheets inside. The caps made a huge improvement for $100 I highly recommend it.

The Stratos is very very good also. It's one of those amps where you just enjoy listening to the music and don't really think about the system playing it.

I been looking for recomendations on PWR cords thanks
for mentioning. I was also told by someone to try the
Eichmann Xpress cords. They are what the BC guys are
running on their own sytems. Is the cap upgrade something
that is effective for EVO2 as well as the 200.2? I know
they did change the PS section for the EVO2-6.

The SLVR was my favorite out of a lot of highll regarded cords including palladium and elrod standard. It was the cheapest also. They all were very good however. I don't know about the evo2, when I auditioned it one of the allen screws was stripped and I couldn't look inside. I would think it would help as the solen and Auricap are only 100, 10, and 1 uF placed close to the TRIPATH module for current demands during fast transients and on the 200.2 at least all of the bulk capacitance was spaced quite a ways from the module. Any wiring between the capactiors and the module will have be inductive with an impedance that will cause the voltage to droop during transients.

I have not looked inside mine yet but i will. Sounds
like the caps are aranged in a pretty typical config
hopefully they are hitting the pwr plane at the 100 with
only surface connections thru the 10 & 1 after that to the module. I will take a look...

Sorry, I need to start proof reading my posts. The smaller solen and auricaps (100, 10, 1) were the ones that I added to the Evo. I purchased them from percy audio.