Bel Canto Evo II or S300


Has anyone compared the two and care to digress a little about their sonic signatures?

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Nobody ever compared the two units? That's hard to believe. Please don't be shy to chime in if you have.


I have evo2 and s300i. I haven't listened much so I can't make a detailed comparison. But newer models seem more neutral, less colored l
Thank you much! Samuel. Given the same price in the used market, I think I would go for the newer unit.

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I've not listened to the EvoII but I've had an S300 for 7 or 8 months now. It is an outstanding amp. If you check the member review area, there is a review I posted about a month ago.
I've owned both at the same time and I think that the S300 is faster than the Evo and brings out a bit more of the recording room cues. The highs are better delineated as well.

Now, the Evo II is warmer with a slightly fuller bass and mid-bass. I liked them both very much, it just came down to personal preference. I kept the S300, but I do miss the Evo though...

I have an Evo2i and recently auditioned an S300i and Pre3/A1000 setups.

The Pre3/A1000 was heard whilst on holiday in Singapore, and as it had a rather more reasonable price tag on it, was seriously considering.

The Pre3/A1000 has a very similar presentation to the S300i, but is simply better in every way.

I then heard the S300i vs my own Evo2i. My opinion is that the S300i was brilliant in "hi-fi" terms, yet somehow lost the plot from the point of view of involvement in the music. To quote a Linn user, the Evo was simply more toe tappingly fun. Can't explain why, but I couldn't get excited about the S300i.

So I'll be keeping the Evo2i, which is fine as it also saves me some dosh for an even better front end.
Thank you all very much for your feedback.

Happy listening!