Bel Canto eVo 6 Gen2 v Cary Audio Design Cinema 5

Can anyone give me advice some advice here. I'm replacing a Rotel 1095 5 channel power amp and I'm considering the Bel Canto or the Cary Audio. My speakers are Totem Forrest in the front and Totem Arro in the rear. I'm looking for very high quality 2-channel and excellent home theater sound.

The Absolute Sound loves the Cary (2004 multichannel amplifier of the year). I've heard great things about the Bel Canto and it has it's share of very favorable reviews. I've auditioned the Cary, but not with my speakers. Can't find anywhere to audition the Bel Canto.

In any case, I don't have any way to do a comparison of the two.

Any thoughts as to which way to go (or is there another amp that's a clear step up from the Rotel and costs less than $5K that someone can recommend??).


Dan,I can't comment on the Cary unit above, but I am a dealer/owner of the eVo6, the BC Pre/Pro, and The Player. I'm using Von Schweikert's front/back/sub and the music playback and movie soundtracks are superb. If you are within shot of Houston, contact me and I'll be glad to take you out for a spin!

Best regards,

Thanks Bornie. Appreciate your response. I'm really having a hard time figuring this out.
eVo 6 is an excellent choice. You can bridge the 4 channels to power the fronts (it will get 400W/8 Ohms and 600W/4 Ohms) and use the spare 2 chanels to drive the rear speakers (you will get 120W/8 Ohm and 200W/4Ohm).

The amps sounds great for the money and generates no heat at all. I was using my eVo 4 mk II in bridged mode with great success (same as eVo 6, minus 2 chanels) in both my stereo and HT system.
Thanks Elberoth2, very helpful. That's exactly how I was planning on using it. Have you heard the Cary unit?

In response to "(or is there another amp that's a clear step up from the Rotel and costs less than $5K that someone can recommend??)", I would look at the Gemstone amp.

The new Adcom 7 channel amps are getting great reviews in all the presses. It is not the same company as before but a completely new company.
The Audio Refinement Multi-5 (YBA) is also superb.
Both are below $3K and have a warm sound with a smooth top end.
The Bryston multichannel is a step up in quality and sound but also more $$.