Bel Canto eVo 6 Gen2 v Cary Audio Design Cinema 5

Can anyone give me advice some advice here? I'm replacing a Rotel 1095 5 channel power amp and I'm considering the Bel Canto or the Cary Audio. My speakers are Totem Forrest in the front and Totem Arro in the rear. I'm looking for very high quality 2-channel and excellent home theater sound.

The Absolute Sound loves the Cary (2004 multichannel amplifier of the year). I've heard great things about the Bel Canto and it has it's share of very favorable reviews. I've auditioned the Cary, but not with my speakers. Can't find anywhere to audition the Bel Canto.

In any case, I don't have any way to do a comparison of the two.

Any thoughts as to which way to go with my speakers (or is there another amp that's a clear step up from the Rotel and costs less than $6K that someone can recommend??).


I have the ev0-6, flexible amp with b and w 704s. I am thinking about buying another evo4 and bridging so I have 400x5 and then buying the Cabasse bahia and bi-amping the speaker while using 400x1 to drive the center. Let me know which direction you go. You should call Underwood Hi-Fi "underwood wally", this guy really knows his stuff, is honest and very fair.

I have Totem Forrest / Model-1 signature and Model-1 center signature, all driven by Goldmund SR amplifiers (SRM's & SR-3.3). A great combination but probally hard to get for $6K
Apples and oranges. The BC is all analog multichannel preamp controller while the Cary is a preamp/processor, I believe.

BTW, isn't the Cary Cinema 5 a power amp? I was thinking of the Cinema 6 when I replied but either way: The BC Pre6 is not comparable to either in features.