Bel Canto EvO 200.2 monoblocks vs Pass X350

Largely due to upgrade-itis, I am considering changing my amps from the EvO 200.2 monoblocks (which are stellar performers for the money, IMHO) to the Pass X350. Has anyone compared these two? What are the pluses and minuses, and is there a clear winner?

Having owned AP speakers and both of the other amps I would say it is a matter of personal preference. Remember that the Pass need major wall juice whereas the BCs are more efficient; ergo, unless you have a stiff AC you may have to upgrade there to take advntage of the PL.
I am interested in trying some bel 200.2's mono's. I am currently talking with a guy about buying his set
Do those have tons of power with the libra's ? What do you find lacking, and what are the strong points ?

I use avanti's, and prior to that the virgos, tempos, sparks. I am using some 2's on mine right now and it's a very good match. I've tried a couple solid state amps with audio physic, and the alephs are far and away the best so far. Fast, but they do lack power compared to other ss amps. That is my primary complaint. I don't know if I should go with a bigger amp, or an audio physic sub. The avanti's have very fast bass down to 30hz, so it's tough to integrate them with anything.
i have used the Evo 200.2 monos and a 200.4 in bridged mode with my APs, and i think there is plenty of power. they'll play loud without strain, there is plenty of articulate bass, and the sound across the entire spectrum is detailed and controlled. i have no complaints. the only caveat i have is that the APs and evos are both pretty analytical components (no ss harshness, but they choose accuracy and articulation over sweetness). some folks think the combination lacks upper mid-range sweetness and might be a touch dry. i think they reveal exactly what is on the recording without adding coloration, and i'm happy with the combo. but if you're looking for sweetness and bloom, this is not the combo to go with.

i agree with you about low bass in the APs. the libras are supposed to go down to 28 hz. the bass is fast, tight, articulate and reasonably deep, but seems to lack the very bottom end. i have tried them with vandersteen 2wqs, and did not think the speakers integrated very well with the subs (i still use a 2wq with my AP celsius cc with pretty good results). i have been thinking about trying the ap sub, but it's pricey, and i have been focused more on the front end.
I use a pair of EVO's mono blocked with my Verity Audio Fidelios with great results. Obviously not the same speaker you have but a similiar character. I find the resulting sound to be excellent. I also have the EMC 1 MKII and the resulting grouping is a pleasure to hear. Good luck in your search.