Bel Canto EVo 200.2 Digital Amp Owner's

Owner's Progress Report: I just received the EVo last Friday. It replaced a McCormack DNA2 LAE. I have just started breaking the unit in. I'm using the Purist Audio II CD for break-in. My system consists of Sony SACD, EVS Attenuators, EVo 200.2, Eggleston Andras, Harmonic cables, Powersnakes, and PS Audio P300. The amp pulls 100 watts from the P300 and the SACD player pulls 50 watts. I'd never been able to do this with the DNA2. This amp blows away the DNA2 LAE in resolution, imaging, transparency, depth, dynamics, you name it. All the 1/3 list price. Purchased mine from John Goldman at John puts his customers before himself. This amp is a no brainer and its not even broken in yet. . This and the Sony SACD player has been the best money spent in audio.
I have been told by a dealer that there is a problem with cicuit boards on this amp and most have been recalled, is yours the updated version ?, I have been waiting for the new version to come out so i can demo it, thanks
Hi, Wonder how this amp compares to Spectron?? I have a digital one and like it.Ever checked them out? Thanks----
Response to Samski: I'm not sure if its the updated version. The serial number ends in 0059B which makes me think its the updated version. I ordered my amp in the beginning of April (waited almost two months to get the amp). Bel Canto did say they were waiting for circuit boards to come in (excuse for being so late). Response to Urtherel: I haven't heard the Spectron. The technologies are different. Bel Canto is a class "T" digital amp whereas the Spectron and Tact Milliemum are class "D" digital amps. It did call Spectron in during my selection process. thanks
Did I read you correctly in that you have your amp plugged into the P300. You will probably do better with the amp plugged directly in the wall. The ps 300 is not meant for amps
Response to Snook2: I will try going directly into the wall. I thought that as long as the P300 is rated for 300 watts (but used best below 200 watts) and I am drawing 160 maximum with CD player I should be fine. The P300 is plugged into a dedicated 20 amp line 4ft from the breaker box. thanks.
I had a thread about this amp a while ago. Someone told me to check out TacT Audio's Millenium. Between all the literature and email correspondence they suggest the EVo isn't truly digital. I have 2 articles from Bel Canto on the EVo that haven't made it to their website yet. If anyone wants me to forward them, send me a quick note at [email protected]
Has anyone purchased this amp yet?
Anybody tried the EVo with a tube preamp?