Bel Canto Evo 200.2 and JM Reynaud Speakers

Do you have any experiences using a Bel Canto EV0 200.2 with speakers from JM Reynaud in general and the Offrande in particular? Is the BelCanto at ease driving these 89Db - 4 Ohm speakers?
While I have only heard your model speaker at a audio show, I have owned a Evo amp for 6 months now. It is the most transparent, natural and open sounding amp I have ever owned. If this describes the sound that you might be looking for, the Evo is amp for you. I purchased my EVo from Goldman Audio in CT. They have a lot of expirience with the Bel Canto line and are worth calling for their opinion. Best of luck.

The Soundstage review of the Bel Canto says that it's perfect for 4-ohm loads. I should know; I own the Bel Canto and use Tyler Acoustic Linbrooks (4-ohm as well) and the Bel Canto makes them absolutely sing!