Bel Canto evo 2 amp with Paradigm 100's

Has anyone tried out this amp? How would it sound with Paradigm speakers?

I'm thinking of buying one and would like people's opinions

I have used the EVo 200.2 (precursor to the EVo2) with the Paradigm 80's and loved the combination. The Evo is an awesome amp that does everything well. You should try to stretch the budget for the EVo4 and run it in bridged mode. The already great sound becomes significantly more detailed, with blacker background and a greater sense of 'air.'
I've heard that running in bridged mode just makes it that much more dynamic
I suspect that the need to run it in bridged mode is more signficant for the 200.2 than it is for the eVo2.
Why do you suspect that, KR4?

My experience is limited to the 200.2 and 200.4 (I use evo amps on all 5 channels of my h/t system), but I recently read a review somewhere of the evo4 (4-channel version of the evo2) that said bridging benefitted the sonics far beyond the increase in power output. According to Bel Canto, the only difference between the evo2 and the 200.2 is a larger power transformer.
I didn't say that it wasn't worth bridging the eVo2; I said that doing so is less significant than doing so with the 200.2. This is simply because the 200.2 is output-limited by circuitry and by the transformer/PS.