Bel Canto e1-DAC1.5

I, recently have purchased a Bel Canto e1-DAC1.5.
I need your help please on how to select the upsampling rate.

When on DAC mode, the Display button scrolls between SPDF1, 48, and L 1.02. What is this 48 and the L 1.02?

What are the benefits on using the XLR output over the RCA output?
Thank you
Contact Bel Canto customer service. They are amazingly helpful, competent, and friendly. Good luck and let us know what they say.
The Bel Canto display shows the incoming signal spec (48kHz) and source selected (SPDIF 1) as well as firmware number.

It's a 24/192 DAC so it would upsample any incoming signal anyway.

I have found the XLR to sound better when matched with a balanced system (preamp and power amps). I use the DAC3.5VB/Pre3/REF1000M
I have contacted Bel Canto Design. True customer service, no doubt.

Here were the answers for the above questions:

1- The rate is auto select.

2- The other info describes the software version.

3- Balanced connections are ALWAYS better at preventing unwanted noise. In addition, The Bel Canto balanced connections are 6 dB higher in output.
I agree Doggiehowser on a better sound when using the Balanced output

I use the BC Dac 1.5 driving Arcam P1's poweramps.
My firmware number is 102.5.

relatively speaking the incoming signal is always clocking that (48kHz)
I am curious about the firmware. Is it upgradeable? How old are the units with 1.02? My unit is just over 1 year old and my firmware is 1.07.