Bel Canto e.One Stream

Im looking to upgrade my current Oppo Sonica DAC playing HiFi Tidal to be able to play Tidal with Roon and ability to fully unfold MQA (so i can participate in the great Ongoing MQA debate). Is there a streamer that would work in conjunction with the Oppo Sonica or do i need to replace it completely to be able to decode MQA?  If I have to mothball the Oppo to be able to listen to MQA I'm interested to hear if anyone has enough listening time with the newly released Bel Canto e.One Stream to have an opinion they'd be willing to share on how it sounds with Tidal and with Tidal MQA?  
See this thread at head-fi.

I lked the but not it’s DAC. As purely an MQA streamer it was fine but the asking price is a bit steep for just this function. I ended up buying a Lumin D2 which does more.