Bel Canto e.One Dac3 or Bryston BDA-1

I already own a the Bel Canto and I was wondering if anybody has listened to both and what your thoughts are? I'm considering purchasing another dac for a separate system. Thank you.
Both are great DACs. I prefer the Bel Canto, especially with the VBS power supply. The BC seems more neutral and refined.
I had the Bel Canto DAC3 and the Bryston. I liked the Bel Canto very much, but continued to look at other DAC's after I got it.

I stopped looking for DAC's once I got the Bryston. It was the best of the 10 + DACs that I tried.
I think DACs can be system and/or user dependant. A part of the overall and influence the results or needs of any system.

For my needs, preffs, and system, I felt the DAC III a great fit. having tried it in nearly all of my outfits, I'd say the thing is as neutral as you might get... has a powerful sound and presence. Enormous bass delineation and output.

Add to that it's flexibility via it's list of inputs, and optional use as preamp, it's a tuff call to beat overall.

But theres the need of the system it will fit into. I'm not so sure I'd put a DAC III into a purely Ss deal... unless that SS was really, really refined.... easy... probabbly not the best term here, but 'delicate' sounding.

it brought my tube pre and tube monos into focus. Even with my Tube multi ch amp, it does a great job! My other rigs are a tad less resolute SS items and it works well in those systems, yet it is definitely OVER KILL there, IMO.

depending on the outlay for this alternate system, you might be well servbed by looking into Lavry Eng DACs. Superior service & support, and a more refined sound quality... perhaps a better manners DAC... not quite so SS'y sounding... albeit, not a true tube sound either. Mellow... er, by comparison.... and you should save a load of dough too!

Good luck.