Bel Canto Digital Amps newbie query ??

I have tried the Rowland digital amp 102, the PS Audio HCA 2 and the PS Audio Trio A100 digital amp.

All have similarities and some differences in sound.

Where does Bel Canto digital fall into these amps ? How does one describe their sound ?

Interested specifically in the big Ref mono 500watts.

Thanks for the inputs.

I've auditioned the HCA2 briefly at a friend's house and currently have the Bel Canto Ref 1K doing 2-channel and HT duty. No comparison, pristine clarity from top to bottom pumped with strength and conviction. Midrange and imaging is solid and "dense". Only way to find out is to put one in your system to be sure. System matching is key here.

Good luck,

I can only speak for the Bel Canto M300s-beautiful, detailed, neutral, with some warmth in the midrange, very solid bottom end, and very life-like. I believe these are the last amps I will buy, at least for a very long time.