Bel Canto DAC3 or CD-1

I have been told that addind a DAC3 to my existing CD player would result in better quality sound than getting a used CD-1 to replace my old CD player (Underwood HiFi modified Onix XCD-88...virtually the same as a Music Hall CD-25)

The reason I am asking for your opinion is because a friend and fellow Audiogoner brought his CD-1 up last weekend and it sounded fabulous in my system. My CD's never sound this good. Thanks in advance for your comments!!
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The DAC 3 is going to do so many other things, if you want it to. It has multiple digital ins for other sources like Sqeezebox, sat receiver, etc., no pre-amp is necessary, which is huge, a great unit. The sound I heard was equal to any of their current CDPs.
The CD-1 is a excellent cd player with a extremely good drive unit. I have one thats competes very well with my A.R.CD3 MK11. I would suggest buying that used one. The bel canto is more analoge in its sound than the Audio Research but not a detailed. I also have tried different drive units(digital out) through my custom DAC with the bel canto being the best.
I have the CD-1 and I am extremely happy with it. I have had a Naim 3.5 player and a Philips SACD-1000 modified by APL. Holding my breath and crossing my fingers I bought the CD-1 unheard but recommended by a fellow 'goner. It has a very easy way about how it produces music, not forced in any way. I prefer this kind of presentation personally as I am VERY sensitive to any sort of digital hash. I'm not saying it's the second coming or anything, and I have not heard a DAC3. I did however bring it over to a friend's house who had an extremely expensive MSB player and believe me he was impressed. In fact he is looking into possible buying a Bel-Canto digital product right now.

The CD-1 is a very solid product and one that does not get much "play" here or anywhere else...but it deserves it IMHO.
Thanks for you comments so far. Coming from a dealer who sells Bel Canto products, I was told to keep my present CDP and add the DAC3 for an even better sound than what I heard last Sunday with the CD-1 and my system...3.6 maggies speakers, C J PV-12A preamp, Rotel RB 1090 amp, M L Depth sub.

I couldn't believe how much better every CD that I played that day sounded over what I have now. But my dealer contact said the DAC3 would be better!!
I just bought a used DAC3 here on Audiogon. I can't wait to hear it. It will be interesting to try it through my preamp and then minus the preamp and direct to my amp.
Let us know your impressions and how the DAC3 stacks up against the CD-1
After one day of listening with the DAC3, it is without a doubt a better sound than the CD-1. It blows me away. My system has just moved up several levels!!

Can you be more detailed re the differences between the CD-1 and the DAC 3?

More detail and slam with the DAC3. I took the CJ PV-12A preamp out of my system for a while and had the DAC3 direct to the amp. Then the other day, I put the preamp back in. That is how we listened to the CD-1 of course. I think I like the sound better with the preamp in!!

My friend is bringing his CD-1 back up in a few weeks, and I will be able to give you more details about DAC3 vs CD-1. I'll also have my friend chime in as he is much better at descriptions of sonic differences