Bel Canto DAC2 : Sounds more like music

That's what I said when I decided to keep this baby for my system. It bettered my Theta Basic IIIa. Even an EVS Millenium 2 was slightly bettered by it.

I complained -- I always do. Maybe the presentation is a little more laidback in the treble. Maybe those cymbals sound not quite as defined as in the EVS. Maybe the slightly forward presentation I like is not there. The Millenium is a very good DAC. It's dynamic, full, detailed, good harmonics. But the Bel Canto has even better harmonics; particularly noticeable on brass -- it has that organic bloom that "goes out" further and sounds like mechanical.

The end result was, in my system: B&W 802 III w/Northcreek x-overs, SFL2, ARC VT100 MkII -- it just SATISFIED more in the end, and sounded more like real instruments, and less electronic-sounding. I am surprised it has not received the press it deserves yet. It has a very black background; no texture. There is a certain cleanness it has that the other pieces didn't have to the same extent. Subtle, but hearable, and, to these ears, it makes a difference.

For now, I'm happy ---------------------
Oops! The above should read, "sounds LESS mechanical."
I am very close to upgrading from Dac 1.1 to Dac 2, probably later this year. I believe we will soon start to see professional reviews in print, soundstage is currently testing the unit. The Bel Canto sound you refer to has to do with their slow roll-off filtering which sounds
very natural, and does a remarkable job of avoiding treble hardness which other dacs can produce.

With all the other excellent products in the Bel Canto line I wonder why they don't have have a CDP using the Dac 2?