Bel Canto Dac2 owners....

Hi guys. Does the Dac 2 run hot? In other words, could it be placed in a cabinet with only a small air vent? I have a Benchmark USB which, like the Bel Canto, is always on, and it gets quite hot on top. But I don't know anything about electronics, really, and perhaps the fact that the BC Dac2 lacks the amplification/gain section of the Benchmark means it would run cooler and could be tucked away...?
Thanks for any insight!
I owned one for a while and never noticed it feeling warm at all. I don't believe it had an on/off switch so it was on all the time.
echo that! Haven't unplugged mine for months and it doesn't get warm.
Thanks guys. I can now confirm from personal experience, for anyone else interested, that the BC Dac2 is a great unit to keep inside a cabinet---very little heat.