Bel Canto Dac1

Just replaced my Sony sacd-777 with the Bel Canto. It really is better. It's much smoother, has more atmosphere and is mjust overall more musical. Any thoughts from other Bel Canto owners?
What are you using as a transport, digital cable and cables out of the DAC-1? Thanks, Jim
How long have you listened to the 777ES? I heard that it needs several months of break-in.
How does the Bel Canto DAC1 compre to the lower priced competition - MSB Link DAC and all of its tweeked versions, Millenium DAc, Perpetual Technologies, Monarchy, on and on...?
I replaced a Micro Mega Duo BS1 with a Bel Canto around 9 months ago. The Micro Mega replaced a Theta Pro Basic II. Before getting the Bel Canto I home auditioned the MSB Link (version 1, I believe). The Micro Mega was much better than the MSB. Not even close. The MSB had a little more midrange detail, but was lacking in bottom end and sounded lean and unnatural. The MSB is worth every penny of around $300, but not much more. I also have Micro Mega Micro Dac that sounded better than the MSB. The Bel Canto stomped the Micro Mega-much more detailed (more than the MSB) and more natural sound. I am going to sell my Oracle turntable. The only processor I have heard that rivals the Bel Canto would be a Theta Gen V and I would bet the Bel Canto has a better midrange (Theta has more bass). Recently a friend of mine who has heard the Linn Sondek CD player visited and said my system sounded better.
Joe What are you using for a transport? I am seriously considering the Bel Canto also but am also considering an all in one unit, maybe the Resolution CD-55. Problem is I do not have a local dealer that has the products I am interested in to compare. Have you heard any all in one units that DO compare with the sonics of the Bel Canto? Thanks Will
I am using a Parasound C/BT 2000 (belt drive), Harmonic Tech. Copper Cable, Audio Alchemy DTI Pro, Madrigal Digital cable into the DAC-1. I am using Harmonic Tech Truthlinks into my preamp, but I have also used MIT Terminator 2 i/c's with success. For fun, I have put the Bel Canto into my second system where I use a Marantz CD-94 and AA DTI 2.0 as a transport and it sounded fine. I have not been able to try a DVD player as a transport which is what Bel Canto recommends. The only all in one player I have recently auditioned at home was a Rega Planet and my old Micro Mega Mini-dac sounded just like it, if not a little smoother. I have heard the Wadia all in one players in dealer demos but I think my Bel Canto sounds smoother with the same or better resolution. If you can get a Pioneer DVD player for $200, a used AA DTI 2.0 or pro, and the Bel Canto DAC, you would probably have a world class digital set up for less than a high priced all in one player.
I have a Bel Canto DAC 1/Pioneer DVD 525 combo. They are a great combo for the price. If you want to get more air and musicallity try them with Analysis Plus Silver oval speaker cables and interconncets. They are awesome. Not cheap but well worth what you get. Good luck.
the bel canto doesn't sound worth a shit compared to maybe 95% of the other stuff out there @ the same mid-fi pricepoint. c'mon, this is suppposed to be hiend; you can't buy into it for $300.
Thank you Joe and Jel. Dreckman is your statement based on listening or do you specifically have a preference? Digital is probably one of the few areas in Hi-End where todays SOA can become tomorrows dinosaur. I have spoken with some industry people who have recommended to me the Bel Canto and have used it with a DVD transport in their show demos. That doesn't sound like chicken S. to me. That is not to say that there isn't better in the opinions of some. BTY since all you did was knock the Bel Canto without any alternative, what do you recommend? The Bel Canto retails for 1295.00 not 300.00. Will
The DAC 1 sounds wonderful in my system, (with a Pioneer DVD 525 as a transport,) and has been well reviewed in Soundstage. (Check the website for the 2 reviews; one with a toslink connection from a DVD transport, and the other with a couple of other dedicated transports.) I can't say I have had the opportunity to audition 95% of what is out there, but I can tell you I have used both the Micromega Minium and Micromega Stage 4 players, and the DAC1 is better by far. I have no listener fatigue. I have very little non anologue mechanical sound with this set up. Tubegroover, give it a try with those tubes and let us know. Dreckman, did you have to special request that "" mailbox? You have not ever heard the DAC1, I am sure. Happy Listening, Charlie.
Does not match with the Muse DVD transport. It made a loud pop when I skipped songs. Bel Canto accepted it back and acknowledged the problem. Purchased the Muse 296, Sounds way better unfortunately at 3 times the price.