Bel Canto DAC/Rotel 1072 question

So, here's a self-absorbed and probably stupid question, BUT...

The other day I bought a Bel Canto DAC2 from audiogon. Coincidentally, a few days later (before it arrived), my Rotel 1072 started creating a nasty hum/buzz through the speakers - even when it was turned off. I switched inputs on the amp, switched cables, even took off the Rotel's casing and tightened the screws near the IC sockets. The buzz/hum continued.

Now that the DAC2 arrived, and i have the Rotel working as a transport with a digital coax output avoiding the analog outputs altogether, the hum is gone and the music is back.

My question is: I have no way now of comparing the Rotel with and without the DAC2. Yes, it sounds quite good, but I can't remember if it sounds better than it did before. The Rotel has a BB1738E DAC, while the BelCanto uses a BB1796.

So, should I keep what I have?

Or sell the DAC2 and get a better CD player (under $700 used)

Or keep the DAC2 and get a better cd player/transport?
Repair the Rotel 1072 first, then make this judgement.
You'll need to repair it to sell it anyway, those CD
players are fairly popular on this site and I am sure it
could fetch a decent price. I actually have the RB-1080
amp that matches your CD player. I for a while I
considered seeking out a 1072 spinner to match, or a 1055
changer, but I went PC audio instead.
I'd like to keep the 1072. But for what I paid for it several years ago ($200), is it worth the shipping and repair costs - whatever they may be?
There's one listed on flea-bay right now for $450. I've seen them go on this site for $250-$350. If you liked it before, it's worth at least getting an estimate on the repair.

Of course if you're in the mood (and have the scratch) to buy a new transport, well, that's a different thread...
OR - do I just bail on the whole cd playback avenue and invest in a good music server?
A good music server can really be expensive. Not sure what your budget is. I went PC audio because it's the cheapest way to get into a music server type of playback system. I like having all 13,000 tracks at my fingertips. No getting up to swap out shiny discs. I still buy CDs tho. I guess that makes me "old school."
I have heard/read incredible things about the Antipodes music server. You might not even need the Bel Canto with one of those. The new Sony is also well liked on these forums, but too much for me.
I concur w/ the panel- you will need to fix the player 1st.

Then, re-eval the player w/ said DAC. It should give you excellent sound for sure. Keep us posted and happy listening!
I will. I'm taking the Rotel in tomorrow for evaluation and repair.
Let us know the problem w/ your cd player?
These are pretty reliable spinners- hopefully it is something easy to repair/replace. Happy