Bel Canto dac 3.5VB vs 47 lab progression gemini

I'm thinking of buying a Bel Canto dac 3.5vb II with the top of the line power supply and power cord. My current dac is a 47 lab progression gemini. I like the progression gemini a lot but is 7-8 years old now and technology does move on.... Has anyone here compared the two?
Not sure you'll find someone to directly compare these two, so I'll chime in that I auditioned the BC DAC 3.0VB in my system and it was outstanding. I actually got to compare VB and non-VB versions and the power supply makes a huge difference and I view it as mandatory FWIW. The sound was neither warm nor overly detailed but rather just exceedingly natural and transparent in that it sounded both very neutral yet very refined. It was a cameleon that just went with whatever type of music or recording I threw at it, and there was not one thing I would've changed about its sonics. Read the reviews of the 3.5VB -- it gets favorably compared to some of the best and most expensive DACs on the market, so it seems pretty unlikely you'll be disappointed although there's always the question if there may be a better choice for your particular tastes. Anyway, hope this helps at least a little and best of luck.
Thanks for your reply. This is a difficult decision for me. The 47 lab gemini progression has many good qualities. Great prat, it's very musical, fast transients, and had a decent sound stage. How they got so much out of such a minimalist design is kind of mind boggling. It's still offered for sale by 47 labs but lack of any recent reviews makes it hard to compare to newer products.
The minimalist design if well executed is a major reason for high quality sound. Pure and natural sound from a simple circuit with fewer parts(but of good quality). This approach stands the test of time. You "may" not find the Bel Canto necessarily an improvement.
Agree with Charles that less can absolutely be more, and I think that can be especially true with DACs. I too have a very minimalist DAC with high parts quality (EVS Millenium DAC -- open the hood and you see very little in there) that has more than held its own over the years, but the BC just literally annihilated it on every level. Not even close, which is saying something because differences in digital sources -- at least in my experience -- can often be relatively incremental (although still extremely important) on an absolute basis relative to something like, say, speakers. Your DAC may be much better than mine, but you get the point. My suggestion would be to wait for a BC DAC3.5VB to become available here and buy it. If it doesn't offer significant improvements over your DAC you can sell it at likely little or no loss. Personally I think it's well worth the modest gamble and would bet heavily you wouldn't be selling it. Otherwise, if you have a BC dealer worth anything in your area just borrow one. Either way it will be worth your effort.
You made some very good points. For all I know the BC could be a superior DAC as your endorsement suggests, I was just responding in a general sense. The idea of very simple circuit with high quality parts/construction is one proven path for excellent sound. The BC itself could follow the design approach for all I know. If Hindu108 can do a direct comparison in his system, this will settle everything.

I have a Japanese DAC who's builder made it as simple/minimalist as he possibly could( no NFB, Op amps, multiple parts etc.). I continue to prefer it compared to numerous very good more "recent" designs. It's very organic,dynamic and connects music's emotion beautifully. In my experience simple circuits are often more engaging musically than the complex engineered competitors. Good luck Hindu108.
Thanks guys for your well reasoned comments. I have been on the simpler is often better bandwagon for many years. Mostly I follow that in the front end components like DAC or phono stage. I also have the 47 labs phono cube and their flatfish CD transport. I even use their solid core IC wire and flat solid speaker wire.
After a few years of no upgrades I've been on a bit of a buying binge as of late. I picked up a pair of Neat mf7 speakers and a second Roksan platinum st1308 stereo amp so I can biamp the Neats. Also I've bought some Gutwire power cable (sp8.1)for the amps. As you can see the amp and preamp portion of my system is not really simple. :) The mf7's are a bit power hungry but really sound wonderful biamped. Now my audio addiction is all pumped up like back in the good old days. I found a used Bel Canto DAC at what I think is a great price. But as Charles1dad points out, simpler can be more musically engaging than the complex designs. To my knowledge the 47 labs DAC is the simplest quality design available. It has the shortest circuit path, quality components, and least number of components of any design I've seen. It has no digital or analog filters of any kind. Even after 10+ years it still seems well regarded. At least in regard to keeping up it's resale value. It does still sound pretty good to me.... In fact I believe it is still available new for around $8000. That it is still sporting the same design is pretty astonishing in the ever changing audio electronics field. Still as I said in my first post, time and technology move on. Advances in clocking and jitter reduction have me wondering if I've been left behind. I consider my source components the most important pieces in the system. I would hate to think that my DAC is far behind what is available these days. I'm beginning to think Siox has a very valid point. Find one at a good price and give it a try for a while. You can always sell it. At least then I can definitively settle the issue in my own mind. Thanks ~mark~
Please keep us posted on what you find. Did you get a 3.5VB?
Soix, I haven't done the deed yet, I'll post when I make up my mind. I'm 90% sure I'll buy it. That is if someone doesn't beat me to it. :)
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Soix, I bought the Bel Canto. Now all I have to do is pay for it. :0 I should have it in my system in a couple of weeks.
Hey Hindu, any update?