Bel Canto DAC-2 or Musical Fidelity A3-24

The BC and MF seem to be the new hot dacs in the 1k to 1.5k price range. Anyone had a chance to listen to both? What do you think?
I have not heard either. I do own the current Perpetual Technologies gear and think upsampling is the way to go while the format wars go on. As long as your auditioning you might want to check out the Perp. Tech. gear. They are coming out with a P-5 that is a more sophisticated (and balanced) version of their current gear. Trust your ears......good luck.
I have the bel canto dac 1.1, and as a dealer I have the music fidelity dac. Which one do I prefer? Simple, it doesn't matter which one I prefer, it matter's which one YOU prefer, and which one, you think sounds more ideal on YOUR system, not my system. I have 2 systems. They are opposites. One using electrostatics, one using B&W's. Well I can go on, but the matter of the fact is that if you have a well established relationship with a dealer, I don't see why you cannot try each peice, and if the dealer does not sell both, well, than take it from me, as an audiophile, the bel canto is sweet as can be, it is a peice that you can listen to for hours on end. I call it the little black magic. The music fidelity, is the most enjoyable dac i've listened to as any price. With a good transport, they both sound out of this world, but more importantly, they are opposites, which can only be judged by you.