Bel Canto DAC 2 96/24?

Has anyone had a Bel Canto DAC2 and played 96/24 resolution through it? I have been told it is capable of doing it but have had no success in being able to play hi rez files through it. I have a Logitech Touch that I am using to feed the DAC and all I get is a split second of sound then drop out, then a split second of sound and drop out and so forth. Is anyone able to help me figure this out?


I have a DAC2 and wondered if I could play 24/96 files.I emailed Bel Canto and they told me that it would.I had to upgrade my USB/SPDIF Converter to one that would allow 24/96 .Now I enjoy Hi Rez files.I use an Imac with Itunes and Decibal.Sorry I cannot offer more detailed help.Ray
I am using it through the Touch which is capable of 24/96 output. I wish I had a usb/spdif converter so I could find out if there is a problem with the DAC or the Touch. Or if I am just missing something that is causing the issue to take place. I have no problems with the 16 bit files so I don't think it is a network issue.

Are you running the touch wireless? When I got mine, I had to upgrade my router to get high res files to work via wireless.

You could also try running the volume at 100% if it's not already-- could be a bit transparency issue.

Maybe put the file you are testing on a USB stick and plug it directly into the touch to eliminate the network issue. Or, if you can hard wire the touch on a temporary basis that would also tell you.

From there, if you have .wav or FLAC files they should pass signal no problem or without any special setup being required. Not sure about other formats but make sure if you have RAR files that you unpack them before playing.
Thanks Audiojedi, those are some good thoughts. I will try it via a USB stick. I do have it hard wired to a wireless router that has been DD_WRT. So I am not sure but pretty sure network is good. Another thing I forgot to mention is that I am able to play the hi res files through Touchs analog outs.

Any how I will try that usb idea it does eliminate one factor.

Well I tried the usb for putting the music into the Touch, it ended the same way. So I thought I would look and see if I could find any 24/88 files. I found some and downloaded them on to the computer did a rescan and sure enough they played with out a hitch. Does anyone know if the DAC 2 could have something in it that just got knocked out of adjustment? Making it so it can't do the 96khz?

Thanks for the help!!