Bel Canto DAC 2.5, or Rega DAC~r?

I am looking to upgrade my old Bel Canto DAC-1 from 2000. 
To my ear and system, (system below) this slight up-res, 24/96 DAC has been great for CDs, with strong dynamic sound, stronger bass and mids, good midrange clarity, and pretty decent detail and slightly focused sound stage. 

However, I can only run one input (coax or toslink), and have to unplug that input to use the other input type.
So I wanted to upgrade.
I am trying out a Rega DAC~R, which has a SLEW of inputs, and outputs, and upsamples to 24/192 easily.It sounds fine, but the old Bel Canto definitely sound more powerful and engaging on my system.  To my ear, the Bel sounds better all around.
Does anyone have any experience with the Bel Canto DAC 2.5? 
There are a few I have seen for around $700-$800, which is my price range.  From the little I have read, it is a good DAC, good connectivity (not as many as Rega), and has some sound engineering. 
Would love to have the same audio experience as the Bel DAC1, but with more connectivity and ability to play higher bit rate music.
Thank you for time!

SYSTEM:Rega Mira 3 Integrated AmpEpos ES12 speakers with custom crossoverEpos ST12 standsAnti-Cable speaker cablesBel Canto DAC1Pioneer "Musical Concepts" upgraded PD-95 CD player
Bel Canto’s DACs have always gotten stellar reviews, and having had the DAC3 VB in my system I’d agree.  There’s a DAC2.7 on US AudioMart for $1100 and I’d consider stretching for that as it accepts 24/192 through USB and incorporates some of BC’s latest thinking.  I’ve no idea how it compares to the Rega, but given your opinion of the much older DAC1 it would seem to be a pretty clear choice.  Best of luck.