Bel Canto Dac-1 v. any Wadia Dac Any one

Has anyone heard both the Bel Canto Dac-1 and any of the Wadia Dacs? I would be interested in the differences!
Stay away from the older wadia's. I tried the wadia 12 and it was hidiously bright and just sounded terrible. I think it came out in the early 90's. I liked my audio alchemy better and my theta pro basic absolutely destroyed it.
I have heard the older Wadia Dac's and I agree with the above. I have heard the newer Wadia cd players (I think it was an 860) and I think a properly driven Bel Canto is a little better for a lot less money. The only Dac I have heard that I think is better than the Bel Canto is the Theta Gen V and that is only because the Theta has more bass slam. I have owned both the Theta Pro Basic I and II and they are not even close to the Bel Canto.
how does the P3A compare to the Bel Canto?
The Perpetual P-1A/P-3A and power supply were more dynamic, and painted a blacker background than the Bel Canto (both using a Pioneer 525 as a transport) in my system. I could live with both easily, but I preferred the P-tech gear. Neither of them could give me exactly what I was looking for, and as a result I had to spend much more $$$. I ended up with a Muse model 9 signature, and I could not be happier.
Dolphin, How about telling us about the Muse 9S? I'm very interested in your comments. Please share your system and music preferences. Thanks so much.
I'm looking to use my old CD player as a transport but add a DAC. I'm considering the Bel Canto, the Perpetual Technologies P-1A/P-3A with power supply and the MSB Platinum. It would really hurt to spend over $3000, Any suggestions?
Msw26: One thing should be very clear, not all DACs sound the same. That's something you should glean from all of the threads on DACs. Some people love each of the DACs you mentioned, as they have their own sonic signature. This is a really difficult decision, and can best be made by trying the unit in your home system. Many of us stress home auditioning of every piece of equipment. Ideally, you'd get each of the 3 DACs you mentioned for home audition, and make your decision. One little problem is that DACs require burn-in. So if they don't have the chance to do that, then you won't be hearing what the unit is really capable of doing. I'm sure someone could say that you'd be happy with any of the DACs that you mentioned, but don't you want to get what you personally find the best? And when you auditionn at home, keep all the factors constant, including digital cables which have sonic signatures of their own. The surprise is that this is what many of us consider fun!
for the money bel-canto is just fine,I just sold mine