Bel Canto Dac 1.5 or Benchmark Dac 1 Usb

Trying to decide which of these dacs to buy. I would use either as a dac/digital preamp hooked up via balanced connection directly to my Bryston 3BST amp. I am not able to audition either dac so if anyone has any experience with either day or both please share your thoughts with me.

I'd suggest having an audition if you can.

The Benchmark has been around for a while now and while it has its strengths, you may find it sounding very lean. I had the Benchmark Pre before and I understand the DAC is fundamentally the same, just that I had an analog input vs the USB version.

I don't have the Bel Canto DAC1.5 but from my listening impressions, it has the "Bel Canto" family sound which I liked. A bit more musical, a bit more warmth without losing details.

I use the DAC3.5VB MkII now.
I had both dacs and the Bel Canto is far more musical than the Benchmark. Benchmark maybe more neutral and truth to source, the bel is warmer but i find it more bolder & musical.
Th bel would be a better match w/ the brystons.
I find both units great, it depends on the musical tastes you have. Benchmark media have a 30 day trial, you should take advantage of this.
I agree completely with Nolitan, having heard both, albeit in different but "equally good" systems.
That's a tough question mate. :\
Is there a way to audition Bel Canto dacs at home with a 30 return policy?

Have you checked with your local BC dealer to see if they have a demo you can try?

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