Bel Canto C7r vs Parasound Halo Integrated

I'm looking for an all in one integrated/DAC and I'm considering these two.  I've owned a couple of Bel Canto DACs and have heard the C5 in my system, but not the C7.  I know what I like about the Bel Canto sound, but haven't heard the Parasound.  Wondering if anyone has heard them both and can compare or can offer an opinion on the Parasound?  No local dealer with the Parasound integrated available for audition.

This amp will be driving a pair of highly modded Klipsch Forte's.  Ti midranges, Ti tweeters, ALK crossovers, braced internals.

Doing some research, looks like I should also be considering a Hegel H80?  I'm not familiar with this integrated, but there seem to be a lot of positive reviews out there.
I haven't heard these two in a head to head, just separately, so it's hard for me to say but I haven't found the bel canto sound to my liking after trying it in four speakers but did like the parasound each time I heard it.

 I did hear the bel 7 against the Hegel 160 and 360 (both more expensive I think) and found the Hegel was much better  for me - more soundstage, separation, a bit laid back, good texture separation and easy to match with many types of speakers. I would assume the 80 is similar but haven't heard it. 
I have c5i and think it's the cats meow.  60 watts gets you pretty far but not the nth degree if you like it loud and clear with less efficient speakers in larger rooms.   c7i has more power and tuner in addition to dac and phono.  Hard to fault other than that.   Sound is liquid and dynamic with a big well defined soundstage.  Bass is extended and articulate and well balanced finally top to bottom but not warm at all if that is what one seeks.   These are true digital amps i.e. Analog inputs are converted to digital along with the rest.   

Have  not heard Parasound.  
To me no comparison, the Halo. It’s designed by the master John Curl and it’s a linear amp with balls. John Curl has the same circuit design ethics as Dan Agostino (Krell fame)
The Bel Canto is Class D, once the switching frequency technology (needs to be at least 5 x higher) comes along in the future, only then will ClassD become a contender. Till then good for midfi and subwoofer/bass amps.

Technics has progress the Class D race and developed 2 x the present switching frequency with there own made components,, in this amp but it’s very expensive 20-30k

Cheers George
Calling Class D mid fi is a huge misrepresentation.   
Well to me it's definitely not hi-end yet, one day yes, when the switching frequency is 3mhz or better, then I will call it hi-end, and even own it myself, then my boat anchors will be sold or become door stops.

Cheers George
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