Bel Canto C5i

Any C5i owners care to share:

1. are you using a line conditioner-how does it impact the sound?

2. are you passing hi-res files-what's the best way you've found?

3. are you using something other than a Stock AC cable? If so, are you running it directly into the wall?

4. Have you tried using the pre-outs to run it with a different amp?

Any and all feedback if welcome. I bought this unit and it's been the single most enjoyable audio purchase I've ever made .
Mine arrived today. It's hooked up and working well. I'll report more after a bit of burn in time.

Off the cuff it's just what the doctor ordered so far. Small versatile. Efficient dead quiet and sounding lovely so far.
Thanks, Mapman.

I stepped-up to Bel Canto separates from the c5i, but still think the c5i is a fantastic product. The ref500s + DAC 2.5 combo that I'm using, might have a little nicer extension and some detail here and there, but the value of the c5i in comparison is undeniable.

Dollar for dollar, this company just makes great gear.

I have ref1000m mono blocks in my main system. I like them so much it led me to the c5i for my smaller system.

I agree bel canto has their act together and makes fine products. I have been impressed by their customer service as well in the past.
I think the DAC is the weak link in this package. It sounds relatively flat The guy I sold mine to agreed. I've used the pre section going out to a Pass Aleph 3 and it did a fine job. Though if you're going to use a separate DAC and power amp it's probably better to get a Pre3 instead.