bel canto and isolation feet

Hi, I was wondering if anyone who owns or has owned a s300 amplifier has used any kind of isolation cones or feet, and what they thought of them.
I just got this amp, and while I wouldn't say the mids are recessed, more that my previous amp was more forward, I did enjoy the in your face vocal imagery of the Rotel. Could aftermarket feet/cones, or maybe a power cord help with this. I have a Cary slp-88 preamp and Epos m22 speakers.
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I tend to be somewhat skeptical of the need for isolation cones for something like a digital amp with no moving parts or microphonic issues like tubes. I have an S300 (and enjoy it very much). My room is such that I've tried the equipment in different spots, including one where the amp was in a different room from the speakers (with no change in speaker cable length.) There was no difference for me, even with the amp physically in another room, so I wouldn't think isolation cones/feet would make much difference in midrange quality. If that's the case, your best bet is to simply go with what you like.

Your mileage may vary.

The problem in evaluating changes such as this is there are so many variables and a lack of set reference points. It may be that the bass and and high extension of the S300 is simply strong enough that the midrange doesn't sound as forward. My reference points for a stereo are live acoustic instruments. If those are "right" then I'm pretty happy even though I know some recordings might sound better on another system. If your reference point is pop/rock or other music that depends heavily on amplified instruments and heavy studio processing, it can be far more difficult to find a "neutral" reference point.
Check out Herbie's Audio Lab website. He has footers called baby booties and iso-cups. There are many reviews on his site from people that use Bel Canto and other brand DACs with his footers.
Thanks for the feedback, I agree about a heavily processed studio recording being difficult to use as a reference. I tend to use acoustic guitar and singer, preferably with two singers or something with a piano. But definitely live acoustic recordings. And the s300 sounds great, but if I could leave everything the same and just move the vocals a touch closer, I probably would, for a while anyways, then I'd probably move them back. Ha. I will check out herbies website too, thank you both.
I very much agree with the Herbie's recommedation as a relatively low cost and very effective isolation strategy.
I have the e.One Ref 1000 monoblocks. I have tried the Harmonic Resolution Systems M3 isolation platform and the effects were immediately noticeable. The sound was tighter and more focused. Soundstage depth was greater. I will also say that floor based vibration shouldn't be an issue for me as my listening room is in the basement with cement floors. Each amp has an upgraded cardas golden reference powercord plugged into a powerconditioner. I listen to all forms of music and the positive effects were the same. I too have live music as a reference as my wife and daughter play cello. Unfortunately the cost of the HRS isolation platform is ~$2500. I didn't have the same results when I tried the HRS nimbus and coupler combination vs my nordost pulsar points. I will patiently for an M3 on the used market as I think that the positive effects are worth the cost... as stupid as the cost is.