Bel Canto and.....?

Been doing some research and reading on Bel Canto products trying to decide whether they would be an upgrade over my existing ARC lineup. I see a lot of press and forum chatter on the amps but very little on the preamp or separate phonostage. Just wondering if most people are running Bel Canto amplification only and, if so, what they are partnering the amps with in the way of preamp and/or phono stage. Are the amps overachievers compared to the Pre3 and phono or has anyone put together a full out Bel Canto setup and found it to be on par with some of the better stuff at and above the price point? I generally think it makes sense to use products from the same company on the theory that they will mate more synergistically than a mix and match approach. But if the Bel Canto pre and phono are not up to scratch I'd consider going with different brands.

Also, I heard recently that Bel Canto is coming out with a Mark II version of the Ref 1000's and new M500 mono block amps that use the same circuit topology as the Mk II Ref's. Anyone got the skinny on the new lineup? They may debut at RMAF so I'd love to hear comments from those who are able to attend.

Thanks for your input.
I will attend RMAF. . . I just added the new Bel Canto amps to my list of devices I must listen to at the show. Guido
I'm using a full BC system (less the DAC) and enjoy it quite a bit. My REF's are the original 1000 model and not the MK2.
I sold a D250MK2 ARC amp to buy these and I think the purchase was neither a step up or down. I would say the ARC had better top end resolution (transparency) than the BC's but the REFs definately had more control and a smoother midrange balance.
If the MK2 offers better top end resolution this amps will be hard to beat at any price.
The CD player was a major jump from my Jolida and so far I don't believe that I need the DAC to make my digital sound any better.
The phono stage is very nice. I was able to compare it to my Sonic Frontiers Phono 1 sig and preferred it so I sold the SF.
I think the BC's offer good value in audio and are definately a "greener" choice when it comes to power consumption. They most certainly should be heard with your partnering equipment before purchasing.
I had forgotten about this thread. . . I did listen to the newest Bel Canto Ref 500 at RMAF. . . I was extremely impressed. A complete set of Bel Canto electronics was driving TAD mini monitors using Argento wiring. The system was incredibly musical, detailed, filegreed, and authoritative. I went back to room 589 in the Marriot several times. . . A delight to listen to. . . A great system regardless of any underlying technology. . . Not even faintly suggestive of stereotypical class D 'digititis'. I have heard that the Mk.2 Bel Canto amps may use a form of power rectification in the input stage reminiscent of the excellent PFC circuits in newer Rowland offerings. . . . that would explain the engaging musicality. I hope sometimes also to listen to the Ref1000 bigger brothers. Guido