Bel Canto ACI600 vs Black EX Sepates

I'm trying to decide between these two Bel Canto beauties for an office setup. Both are similarly priced.... The ACI 600 is an integrated version of the 55k Black system. The Black EX separates are the more budget friendly system.

Whatever I choose, they'll be driving KEF Reference 1's.

I'm looking for advice/impressions from people who have owned these systems or heard them at an audio show/dealer. What are the pros/cons of each setup?

Please, no advice on different electronics or speakers.

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I've been using the Black EX integrated w/a pair of DeVore Gibbon Xs now for about 18 months and really love it. (WyWires Platinum speaker and power cable). Continues to sound fantastic. It really is hard to imagine budgeting 15k for separates (amp, pre-amp, phono, DAC, streamer) that do the same thing at the same level (plus all the cabling).

Hey 👋 y’all first things first; didn’t he put in his post right from the start!! Don’t mention no other Gear, What’s the Point? 😂 Besides you all know gear can be extremely controversial, Everyone knows that, Right? Always Listen first, if you’re able!