Bel..AVo 200.2, Musical Fidelity A3cr, YBA 2hc, Pass X150

All these I listed, except the Pass X150, are "inexpensive" Class A rated amps. I would like to get some responses on these amps. Anyone have experience with them?

Bel Canto Design EVo 200.2 - $2395
Musical Fidelity A3cr - $1495
YBA 2HC - $3900
Pass X150 - $4000
Why single out the Pass as being "high priced" ? The only amp that i would consider "relatively" inexpensive out of that bunch would be the MF. The Bel Canto is "mid priced" and the YBA and Pass are neck and neck ( in terms of price ) and starting to get up there in terms of what most folks have budgets for. Sean
Sean, don't get excited. Note that I stated they were Class A rated, as in Stereophile, the Pass is not in that group, hence being singled out. These amps are "inexpensive" in comparison to their Class A rated counterparts.
I do not have experience with all of these amps, but I own the MF A3cr and absolutely love it. I prefer by a significant margin to the Krells I have heard (admittedly not hte most expensive ones). It is smooth and detailed without being shrill or forward. I might change other things, but have absolutely no longing to change my A3cr amp or pre-amp.
Fineberg, how is the lower end with the A3cr?
I have Magnepans which are not Bass heavy and only really listen to classical, so I can't speak to heavy drum set music, but I find the bass to be very good. I had a Bryston before and find the A3cr tighter and more focused in the bass. I hear everything all the way down to the limits of my speakers. I'm a classical musician and I find the low end reproduction very realistic, but as I said I'm not dealing with amplified music which has much more bass (though the little I have heard on my system seemed to have good bass - I just can't compare).
Go to and read about the Bel Canto Evo 200.2 amps. It will blow you away.
I own two Bel Canto in monoblock configuration.
I cannot even try to convey how I love these amps with my finnicky Martin Logan Prodigy speakers.
Fineberg, which Bryston amp did you use before the A3CR? I also have Magnepans (1.6qr)driven by MF A300 integrated and thinking of changing the amp, maybe biamping with the A3CR or a Bryston alone. Also, which preamp and source are you using? I'm curious because I also only listen to classical. Thank you...jorge
Jorge, I had a 3B-ST with and old 0.5b pre-amp. First went the pre-amp to the A3cr pre which I liked so much, I bought the amp. They also have a great effect when used together and this may explain the improvement over the Bryston (which I liked very much, just no as much).

I have Magnepan 1.5qrs bi-wired with Analysis Plus Oval 9 and Oval 12 and use as my main source an Arcam Alpha 7se (same transport as the Alpha 9se) as transport with a Bel Canto DAC 1.1. My digital cable is a Illuminati D-60, the audio interconnects are TMC (white and yellow) and I use an assortment of inexpensive after-market power cords (all under $100 used or new when I bought them) and a Monster HTS 2000 surge protector.

While the A3cr is not a devastating amount of power, I find it ample. There is a limit to how loud the Maggies can get. I have heard of many people who succesfully bi-amp the A300 and an A3cr, they are apparently gain matched (most use the A3cr for the bass)
The Audiosource uses the latest Tripath, which is what used in Evo, but the street price, you can afford to use 6 amps.