BEL 1001 MK V PREamp Match?

I recently purchased a BEL 1001 MKv. Was manufactured in 2007 so is not old in amplifier years. I am currently driving it with a Audible Illusions Modulus 3a. I am not sure that this pre is the best fit as it has a high output impedance (~1600 ohms). I have not been able to find input impeadance specs on the BEL. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
I have a Modulus 3A and a Modulus 3B in 2 different systems. The 3A has been used with 2 Classe amps, a 10 and a 15, an Adcom amp, a McCormack DNA 1 amp. The Modulus 3B is being used with an Odyssey Stratos Extreme Plus+++. No problems at all with any of the amps, preamps combo.
The input impedance for the BEL run in stereo is 27 kilohm 200pf according to the owner's manual. I do not know what 200pf means.
The input impedance of my amp is 22K ohms and it was used with a Modulus 3A and now a Modulus 3B. It is 100% perfectly compatible. The Bel will be a perfect match.
I thank each of you for your responses. I have been led to believe that the higher the amp input/preamp output ratio the better and that around 50K common for amplifiers and <600 was common for preamplifiers. I am not sure on this. Make me curious as to the range of amplifier input vs. preamp output impedances. Most importantly, after spending some time with the BEL and 3A i am happy with the sound. Must say that I enjoy the interactions this forum provides. Thanks again.
I used an AI2C with my BEL 1001 (Mark I) for many years and it sounded wonderful. Regardless of the impedance ratio rules I think that they match up well, and I would be cautious about replacing the Audible Illusions...