Behringer DEQ2496 Digital Output Question

I just picked up a Behringer UltraCurve Pro DEQ2496 to tame a 10+dB bass node at @ 63Hz in my listening room. It worked like a charm, but I now have a question about the Behringer's digital output. I am feeding the Behringer via Toslink with a Denon DVD-955S DVD player, which passes a 24/96 signal. I also feed the Behringer with an analog signal via its XLR inputs, and I sample this signal at 96kHz. I am then coming out of the Behringer's toslink digital output and going into one of the toslink digital inputs on my Quad 99 CDP-2 24/192 upsampling DAC. Here is the issue:

The digital signal hitting the Quad when I play a 24/96 disc in the Denon appears to be 48kHz. Likewise, the analog feed to the Behringer that I sample at 96kHz also hits the Quad at what appears to be 48kHz. (When I turn the Behringer sampling rate down to 88.2kHz, the signal hits the Quad at 44.1kHz.)

My question: Is there any way to get the Behringer to pass a 96kHz signal (or an 88.2kHz signal) from its digital outputs?

I have one of these and they are complicated! Im not sure I can answer your question, but my first thought is that The DEQ shows the incoming digital sample rate on one of its screens. Does it show the denon coming in at 96? That might be the issue for the digital. As for the sampling of the analogue, I dont know. I did find that reading the manual 5-10 times cleared up alot of my questions. It is not written to be understood the first time. Good Luck!
I was surprised to see this question as I just received my DEQ2496 Friday. Unfortunately you are further along on the learning curve than I am and I was wondering if you could help me with a mic and auto EQ question. When you get a moment my e-mail is [email protected] as I have more questions than answers. Thanks.
Note to Ranwal67...what I said to original post applies...the deq is simple to understand and in my opinion difficult to learn to use. The manual is tough going because it is so compressed and covers so much. Give yourself a week to read it a bunch and try out the functions that interest you one by one.
Note to Tarsando: Thanks for the response. Yes, the digital signal from the Denon is hitting the Behringer at 96kHz. However, it then hits the Quad DAC at 48kHz. Looks like some down-conversion is taking place in the Behringer, and I would like to turn that off if I could, as the Quad can receive 24/96 signals.

Note to Ranwal67: I suggest you post your question in a separate thread. I doubt I could be much help on your auto-EQ question, as I set my EQ manually using pink noise and the SPL. Good luck!
I posted the same question over on AudioAsylum's Digital Drive and received a response that the Quad might not show the correct sampling rate (i.e., the Quad may be receiving a 96kHz signal from the Behringer even though its display says the signal is 48kHz.) Here is a link to this response:

Interesting. I wish I had another DAC so that I could troubleshoot the situation.