Behringer DEQ2496 as EQ Only?

Could anyone please offer expert advice on how it might be possible to configure or daisy chain a Behringer DEQ246 with an Antelope Zodiac + DAC?

For years, I have used the Behringer on my desktops, for television, computers and background music. The DAC is OK but EQ is useful.

Now, I have switched / upgraded to the Zodiac + DAC which is a better DAC and is more useful device for switching sources and adjusting the volume.

So the question is whether I can somehow get the Behringer into the signal chain, but for the EQ only?

There was something I found on the web or youtube that suggested making special cables, but this made no sense to me or to the company I sometimes use for cables....

Thanks for any ideas.
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I am using Neutrik Impedance Transformers (on the XLR in/out digital connectors) to provide a 110-75 ohm conversion , then some BNC-RCA cables from Cullen Cable which then allows to connect equipment RCA to RCA SPDIF. This seems to me very transparent, but I only use cut (no boost) and currently no need more than 3 db...

Ah OK - I also use a Toslink switcher for less critical applications - so HDTV box and PC interface into the switcher via Toslink, then Toslink into the DEQ and digital output into the Zodiac.

Dont know how I would thus enhance or diminish the benefit of the DAC in the Zodiac?

But great to know I can string it together as you describe and thank you.
I'm not sure I fully understand everything you are asking, but as far as using your Zodiac DAC goes, as long as you keep the signal digital until you get to the dac, you'll be OK. You won't be touching the dac in your eq.

With regards to the Toslink switcher, you may be able to eliminate it. If any of your sources have something other than a Toslink out (for digital), use that. If you have something other than Toslink on your sources, it will probably be an RCA/Spdif digital out. You can use it but you will have to get an rca to xlr adaptor. They make expensive ones, but I would try just getting some from a music store first. Unless you have very revealing equipment, the cheap ones should sound OK. If you have to make a choice on what source to use for the rca/xlr input, I would choose the more important source. If you end up plugging the 2 sources into the EQ, its very easy to switch back and forth using the controls on the face of it.
At last, I am closing in on this project as depicted in my new system photos.

I have just rewired the Behringer as discussed above with Elizabeth: still HDTV / Cablebox and PC into a Digital Optical splitter.

Therefore Digital Optical out into the DEQ2496, and in turn, DEQ2496 out into the Zodiac DAC - using optical cables all around.

The good news is

1) The signal path seems to be working, sounds fine and I can switch between sources successfully

2) Although I NEVER remember how to do it, I somehow had the pink noise, microphone and RTA working this morning - at least to the extent I could see the EQ curve adjusting itself and hear corresponding tonal changes in the pink noise.

The bad news however, is when I turned off the pink noise, I can still see the adjusted curve when I press GEQ, but can't hear the EQ in the signal path with the music.

My usual EQ / curve test: when I toggle the Behringer BYPASS button on and off there seems to be no change (?)

My hearing is not what is was as a kid, but pretty sure it's not yet that bad if anyone who has mastered this complicated beast can comment or help.

Thank you.
Thanks for reading but problem solved!

I am using not only a PC but also a Mac and the Zodiac was set to the USB input (Mac) not the Optical input (PC and HDTV) so did not at first realize I was listening to music from the other computer and bypassing the Berhinger entirely.

As I keep better music files on the Mac, perhaps I should just add it to the optical switcher (assuming it also has an optical out?) but in the meantime assumed the USB out to USB in on the Zodiac was a higher quality connection....

So nonetheless, appreciate any thoughts / advice / suggestion on this configuration and device.

Cwlondon, what is your experience around the overall resolution with and without the DEQX ?

DEQ2496 not DEQX....but generally (and as a neurotic audiophile since the late '70s who still owns ARC and Levinson components, amoung others...) I have had good experiences with Behringer.

I use it more casually for desktop, computer and television listening, but have had several Behringer components - many of which I have left on 24/7 quite literally for years at a time including power outages and they all still work fine.

The highest resolution and high frequency transparency are not as important to me as midrange, coherence and imaging but for the applications I pursue, the DEQ2496 sounds perfectly good, clear and transparent.

Others on Audiogon are also fans - the device has a bit of a cult following for being a bargain basement device and suprisingly clean in the signal chain.

I might not use Behringer in any state of the art main system but otherwise good fun and a good deal.
sorry I meant the DEQ2496.I did use it as an EQ only but had to use Optical cables into and out to connect my transport to the DAC. to me the resolution really dropped and preferred direct in without EQ .

But then getting the EQ right on a 2496 is not very user friendly so maybe did it wrong !