Behringer DEQ mods?

My current setup is:

Squeezebox (dig out) -----> Behringer (analog out) -----> Nuforce amps

I was thinking of buying an external DAC, but then saw that RAM mods the Behringer DEQ. Has anyone had their Behringer modded by RAM? Thoughts? Comparisons?
I'd just use an outboard dac and use the Behringer only in the digital domain. That's exactly what I do. I can't imagine what mods would do to make the digital domain any better and an outboard dac leaves alot of choices. Therefore use the money for a better dac. That's my opinion anyway.

I actually use an older Bel Canto DAC 1.1. This thing is good enough for me and is excellent. Thought about getting a newer dac but this thing for 450 bucks is keeping me happy. Getting the latest and greatest of 4-5 years ago in dacs is a good option as you can get them at a fraction of the price of new dacs and performance is still excellent.
That was my thought too. I just wanted to see if anyone had heard a modded one.

I talked to Paul at TRL a while ago about modding the Behringer. He said they tried one, but couldn't make it sound any better.
Yeah you will be hard pressed to get better sound out of an inline equalizer changing caps or power supplies etc.. I use a more costly unit than the behringer by DBX, it is smooth as glass and does not add anything when on or off in the sound, so its very transparent already, also it is a pro unit used with pro measurments for live venues, however I don't use it for anything in the midrange and hi's only bass correction so who knows maybe it could be improved in the more criticle frequencies.. Again I don't think the money of mods to such a unit would be justified, or render much better results that you can't electronically adjust within such a tool on its own anyway, maybe, but I feel it would be minimal improvement at best and money better spent elsewhere.
I checked out your system. I was thinking about trying the Dac Lite Ah as an external Dac. How do you like yours?
Well I have the highest version of it now costing about 400 from them.. it has mundorf coupling caps, better opamps, several other caps and mods thru pacific valve, I like it a lot, very smooth and musical, very close to analog, basically it is better than the standard DAC Ah no doubt, but the original is the best for the money.. I have owned all variations of it now, including the mid level upgrades, all were very good overall.
How much better is the mid-level, than the standard? For only $70 more I'd give it a shot, if there's much difference at all.
For the price & the 30 day return, it would be hard to go wrong.
Umm, well the mid level upgrade has a smoother presentation, but is a bit more laid back, you will lose a tiny bit of gain, like the voltage out is slightly different or something with the different op amps, but it does sound a bit sweeter… The bass is probably slightly more Wooly sounding and not as clean on the standard 150 dollar version, but sometimes with thinner recordings the Wooly bottom sound can help too, so it’s a toss up with which one will be more synergistic with your system honestly.. Voice is probably just more analog sounding with the mid level upgrade, it is less forward I believe.
Thanks again for your response. With the return policy, I may buy both and keep the one I like most.