Behringer A500 and Other Giant Killers

There have been several threads debating the virtues of the Behringer A500 and the DEQ2496 digital equalizer.

I noticed recently that Behringer seems to have a new line of products, so I was wondering if anyone had experimented with anything new, or with any of their higher powered amps?

I use 3 of their EP-4000 amplifiers to power my subwoofers, and also a DCX-2496 to manage the subs. The thing with the higher powered amps is they have fans which are not quiet. I have the amps I use in the room behind my system thus eliminating the fan noise issue, some have done fan mods to either quiet the fans and some have removed them all together. I have had no issues at all with the three amps I use and they work great powering the subs.

Yes, the higher power amps use fans which understandably bother audiophiles.

But since the amps are so cheap, why not just take them out?

If they die sooner, just replace the amp, all for less than the price of shipping and a routine service for any number of "high end" amps.

How do the higher powered amps sound full range, compared to the A500?