Beginners Tube Amp Recommendations

I'm seduced by the liquid sounds of tube amps but need some good recommendations on where to start. I'm looking for an entry level tube/hybrid amp around the $500-$700 new or used. My speakers are Totem's rated at 80watt & 4ohms. I've checked out Jolida 102, AMC 2030...anything else? I don't wanna spend a bundle just to found out that tubes are high maintenance and then want to go back to SS amps.
If you are up to used stuff check out the Sonic Frontiers SFS40. High quality parts and construction. It sounds pretty good, its easy to retube and bias yourself, and its usually up for sale in the 600 to 700 area.
I wouldn't say tube amp are high maintenance. I do own 4 tube amps and they never had any problem or require any re-tubing in the past 4 years.
Depends on how much power you're looking to get and how much bass you want and which output tube you want to use.
I personally prefer at least 30~35 Watts/ch for 87db to 84db.
I also prefer vintage amps like the MAC MC240, Lafayette KT550, Harmon Kardon Citation II, Heathkit W5M.. there are too many choices.
Have you tried the Jolida Hybrid integrated amps? I hear that they are very good and you can get one new for $300 to $500 dollars.

The JD102 Jolida Tube amp is also a great starting point. I am looking for a used one now!
Anthem INT 2 can be had in your price range. Tubed pre section with solid state power section. 90 watts per channel should do you just nicely. Just be aware that the volume pot is not the greatest...
My wife's system has the Luxman 491 integrated hybrid which is not the ultimate in definition, but sounds very nice and holds its own with power solidly at 90wpc. We changed the stock tubes to RCAs and hardwired an LAT International PC and it sounds real nice.

Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle has a nice demo for $499 which may be negotiable. Good luck.
Check out Audio Aero Prima integrated amps. They are a hybrid design with a single tube preamp and solid state out. Very nice sounding amp. They do come up occasionaly (preowned) with prices well in your range. Had mine for over a year with no complaints. Good Luck.
go with the jolida.
with an aftermarket power cord, and some better tubes, they perform well above their range.
Trelja is a big advocate of both Jolida and Totems, so he could probably shed some light on your predicament.

He will probably see this thread at some point today...

I'll second Newbee's suggestion of the Sonic Frontiers SFS-40. I ran some fairly inefficient speakers (86db) with one in a small room with great results. The best part of this amp to a beginner (or a veteran) is the flexibility of tubes it can run - kt88, kt90, kt99, 6550 or el34 in the output stage and in the input and driver stages - 6922 or 7308. And those are just from memory, I bet there are even more options. Great for tube rolling and finding out which valves suit your tastes.
Look for an Audio Research VT60 (about 6-7 years old). Excellent sonics for the $$. Jolida 1501 RC is also quite good.
Thanks for all the help guys. I checked the Jolida hybrids and found out they cannot drive 4ohm speakers, that's why I have to be extra careful in choosing amp.
I wet my feet with Jolida and some Dynaudio. I realized that tubes was the way I wanted to go.

My next step was Rouge Audio. Great amps, great company. You have to spend a lot more to get a lot better. My next step will be Joule-Electra when I save up my pennies.

BTW, do get the Magnum version if you do get Rouges, it does make a big difference.
If you can stretch a little, $900-$1500 or so you could get an Aronov LS960 used. It sells for around $3,000 new. I have owned or auditioned many tube amps and this is the best I have heard. Absolutely outstanding, is self biasing and you can use eithet 6550C's KT88's or KT90's. Typicaly 6550C's will last up to 10 years before they need replacement. Like a Jadis with base.