Beginner Turntable

I just become interested in turntable and totally confused about what I need to buy.

1.what is the price range for a beginner level turntable?

2.Do I need to buy a cartridge or it was included in turntable?

3.New or Used

4.Right now, I'm using the Denon RCD-M39s mini system. Could I combine this with the turntable? And what else do I need to buy ?

5.Any suggestion about brand and model ? It seems like japanese brand like denon and pioneer have some good chose.
I can answer some of your questions.
As far as using a TT with the Denon RCD-M39s, I see there is one analogue input for an external device.

But the output level of a TT is very low and cannot plug directly into the Denon. You would need a phono preamp which boosts the volume of the TT and then plugs into the Denon amp. Now you would have a signal from the TT that is high enough for the amp to play it. Without this preamp, you would not hear the TT thru the Denon amp.

I would suggest looking at a TT that has a built-in preamp.
Then you would save some money and be able to plug right into your Denon.

Many online stores sell turntables that include preamp and cartridge.
Here is one example...
New: Rega, Pro-ject or U-turn Orbit $200-500
Used: Technics, Denon, Pioneer or Yamaha $50-400

May have to skip the mini Denon system, probably has no phono preamp- get a used 70's vintage receiver with built-in phono amp. Better sound and power. $50-200

I built a nice used system for $90! - rotel receiver, technics TT and ESS speakers. Plan on spending a year stalking thrift shops for that kind of bargain. The audiophile snobs will say you need to spend $1000 on an entry level audiophile turntable - (cartridge not included) - but I'm talking true entry level/low budget/starving student.
Check out the Denon DP-29F,it comes with cartridge and a phono preamp. Needle Doctor sells it for $150.
You will need to buy a TT with a built in phono preamp to use with your Denon mini system.

These all come with a built in phono preamp and a pre-installed cart for easy set-up, plug and play capabilities:

$100.00 Audio Technica AT PL60
$150.00 Denon DP-29F
$240.00 Audio Technica AT LP120-USB
$250.00 Music Hall USB-1
$330.00 Denon DP-300F
$350.00 Marantz TT42P

Personally, I would start with the Music Hall USB-1 with a AT-95E cart for about $300.00. The AT-95E is a much better cart than the stock cart that comes pre-installed. Call Jerry at and he will advise you well.

Good luck and happy listening!