Beginner/ Starter cables

I am looking for feedback on cables/ interconnects for beginners in hi-end audio. I am not talking Monster, but possibly Transparent Audio Wave cable. Any feedback/ suggestions of other brands would be aprpeciated.
Audioquest is good in any system, regardless of cost. No need to drop long green on cables.
I highly recommend the MIT T2 series. They are discontinued now so you can get great deals and they beat all other inexpensive cables I have tried.

Try out some of the smaller companies from Audiogon, I have had great luck with Signal Cable and Balanced Power Tech cables. These cables offer performance well over their price level, and in my opinion will best most larger companies "entry level" cables. Let's face it, we all like exotic cables but the markup in them is ridiculous, start with something simple and find out what you need in your system then tailor from there before dropping more money than necessary.
DH Labs BL-1 Series 2
Signal Cable. Excellent sound and value. Train years ears, THEN move on.
Listing your system would help in members recommendaton for you.
Signal Cable, Blue Jeans Cable, and JPS Labs Ultraconductor interconnects are all excellent.
it's about taste. it's not sufficient to recommend cables, or any other component without an indication of your sonic preferences.

if you don't have any at this time, it is not fair to recommend a cable.
Unfortunately these cables are totally system dependant.

Try The Cable Company, or just buy and try via AudiogoN.

Definetly check out the Signal Cable line. You may want to try the Kimber PBJ..a bargain I/C on the used market.
Kimber 8TC and Audioquest Type 4 always were and still are hard to beat with entry level gear. Not the last word in frequency extension, but very well balanced strengths...especially in the all important mids. Just a tad on the mellow side which many entry level systems can benefit from.
Greetings, I second Riffer's recommendation of DH Labs. If you want to spend a little more their Air Matrix line is pretty much impossible to beat for the money. IMHO Happy Listening
Audioparts Inc. by Stu Wein makes fine products which offer great value, in my opinion. The Mas Hybrid speaker cables have been great in my system, and I posted a short review a while back.
The Purist Audio Musaeus are by far the best for the money in my opinion.
I suggest you stick with clean, tight connections, as short runs as possible, and with the likes of kimber, signal cable, blue jeans, etc. Once the rest of your system, including the all important (and often overlooked) room acoustics, are up to your satisfaction you can spend to your heart's content on expensive R,L, and good old C.

Make sure you practice due diligence w.r.t. your room acoustics, otherwise you may neglect the true potential of your hardware.

This was something I have put off for too long, and now I hear how misguided I was to assume the room was ok, while changing hardware more frequently than a roomful of environmental advocates utter the phrase "global warming".

Mapleshade or Anticables
audio metallurgy GA-Zero ICs are outstanding value - look in the auctions