Beginner Looking For Set Up Advice!

Hi all, 

I'm excited to have gotten my first pair of new speakers, the B&W 606 S2! My Dad and my Brother both have 603s and I love the sound, so I thought these would fit well in my apartment. I'm having trouble finding a stereo receiver or integrated amp to pair with the speakers. Although I understand some audiophile lingo, it can all be somewhat confusing and overwhelming so I thought I'd ask for some advice.

What would be a decent, under $1k piece to power the speakers? How much power do these need? I would want it to be able to stream music, whether through airplay or some other system (Spotify connect, etc), and also work with my TV setup including a 4k blu ray player and an Apple TV. I would consider adding a CD player or turntable later on. 

Currently I've looked at the Denon PMA 150h, Marantz PM7007, Marantz NR1200, Yamaha R-N303, and a few others. 

Look at Peachtree, though they may be a little over your price quote. The Denon and Marantz would be good choices too. 
I would look for an Integrated Amp: combo of preamp and amp (no radio, that would be a receiver). Let us know if radio is important for you, that changes the choices.

With remote volume. With balance (manual most common, remote balance from listening position is awesome), with tone controls, with tone control bypass. Manual input selection on the unit is easy, you are up front activating the source, remote input selection is kind of silly IMO.

Phono: LP’s now? Future? Most people prefer separate phono stages of their choosing, then into ’AUX’ or any line level input of the Integrated Amp. That broadens the options now for which Integrated Amp, and gives a lot of choice when selecting a phono stage later.
the ps audio sprout is a very good rec for you--it's got a phone stage, dac, etc. and is the kind of piece you'll always find a use for. its small size (and price) are big plusses. the outlaw 2150 or 2160 is also a keeper esp. if you can find one used for $500-600
Hi all,

Thanks so much for your informative replies! It seems like there are many good options - I was originally leaning toward the denon or marantz because of convenience factor of them having airplay etc (being a millennial and all...), however it seems like some of the other options may even provide a better sound.
The place I got my speakers has a peachtree decco 125SKY open-box for $599. If it’s still available should I just get that?