Beginner choosing amp help

Hi guys , I’m new to the hobby and needed some advice/help picking out an integrated amp or separates.I have Martin Logan motion 40s and a sub. I am currently using a Yamaha as 801. I was thinking about upgrading if it would be worth it. I would like to gain more detail/ clarity and more dynamics if possible without being harsh/ fatiguing. I’d like to stay in the 3 k range. I listen to 60% jazz and acoustic and a little bit of everything else. Mostly stream tidal and just getting into vinyl.I’ve heard good things about Parasound Hint 6 or the separates in this combo, Hegel 190, Belles soloist , or even a Yamaha as 1100. What are your opinions on those amps and will they achieve more clarity and detail? Would the difference be significant compared to what I have now? Thanks for all of the help!
A Parasound integrated used would give you everything you need. Plenty of power also runs in class A A/B.
Try Wyred 4 Sound. 
Contact EJ, he is fantastic to deal with.....and the Wyred products are outstanding.

The other one I would consider is a Vincent MK236ii or MK237.  Class A hybrid with a tube preamp section.....brute power.

Good luck.
I respectfully disagree with a former post, that you need balanced inputs/outputs, no need for that to hear good music, most amps in your consideration are not fully balanced, also an amp that has been designed well will sound fine unbalanced or not, one also have to remember that a fully balanced amp is much more expensive to produce, for home use I would prefer dual mono amps before balanced, but they can also cost a bit more.
I agree about the Vincent, they get great reviews here in Europe.
Good luck 
For the beginner try the Gryphon 300
Just for the info I have not seen a single used Yamaha as2100 for sale in the USA for the last 1 year that will tell you something about this one , I have own one and I can guarantee you can’t go wrong with it for sure