Beginner choosing amp help 2

Hi everyone..was looking for a bit more guidance on choosing an some of you may have read my previous post related to this subject  I had some time to demo some stuff which has given me a better idea of what I like . I had a weekend with a Hegel 160 which to my ears was very smooth and had good dynamics but was just a tad too dark for me. I’m looking for something that is rich, has good resolution , good dynamics and is non fatiguing and not considered dark sounding to most people. Pairing these motion 40 speakers. There are two great deals that both have been brought to my attention from my previous post that I’m going back and forth between. Luxman 505 is and Krell Vanguard. How do the two differ sonically ? And I also know the Krell is rated at more than double the power of the Luxman. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
Solid State:Simaudio,Gold Note..
Tubes:Primaluna,Cayin,Rogue Audio,Raven Audio or VTL IT-85...